Guide to High St rewards

Everything you need to know about reward schemes on the High Street.

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High street reward schemes

As prices for everyday goods around the world rise on a daily basis it's becoming more and more important to keep an eye on exactly where our money is being spent. We can't just stop spending, but we can look for the best offers, deals and discounts trying to save money anywhere we can.

Most of us regularly spend money on our local High Streets. We're all aware of some reward programs run by some of the countries biggest companies, but there are more High Street reward schemes than you may be aware of. Use this guide to see if you've missed one that may save you money regularly.

Sainsbury's Nectar Rewards

Nectar is a reward program owned by Sainsburys. When you join Nectar you earn points when you spend money at Sainsbury and their reward partners. You can then use those points to pay for your shopping, or exchange them for days out, meals or even vouchers. An excellent way to save money.

There's a wide range of Nectar partners where you can earn and spend reward points, many of them houselhold names. Argos, eBay, British Airways, Esso, Sky, Dulux, VUE Cinemas, Eurostar and many more.

You earn 1 point for each pound that you spend, so each point is worth 0.5p. So in it's basic form nectar is a 0.5% reduction on your spending. This doesn't sound like much, but when it can cover your food bill (1 point per £ at Sainsbury), your petrol bill (1 point per litre at Esso or Sainsbury petrol stations), your eBay spending (1 point per £) and even some of your household bills the savings can add up fast.

You can earn much more than this though. Often you'll find promotions where you can earn free points, and some of the partners offer better rates. It's not unusual to get thousands of free reward points when you sign up with companies like Sky, or to be offered double or treble the cash in rate on your points with selected partners during promotions.

You'll also get vouchers to claim extra points on items you buy regularly from Sainsburys. When they notice you like a product you may get vouchers for 20/30/50 free points when you next buy it. This can mean real savings every time you shop.

It's entirely free to become a nectar member. Nectar is one of the countries most popular reward schemes, with over 18 million members. We think everyone should have a Nectar card to help them save money.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco. It's one of the countries most popular reward scheme with over 17 million users.

With Clubcard you collect 1 point for every £1 you spend in-store and online. On fuel, it's 1 point for every £2 you spend. You can claim your reward points as vouchers, by default 150 reward points gets you a £1.50 voucher to help you save money on your weekly groceries, fun days out and much more.

It's not just spending on food shopping at Tescos that earns you points, you earn points when you spend at Clubcard partners too. This includes F&F, Tesco petrol stations, Tesco mobile and Tesco bank. You can also earn 125 clubcard points for recylcling an ink cartridge, or 25 points for a 15 minute survey!

Spending your points is really easy. You could simply use your vouchers to save money on your next Tesco food shop, but you could be better off spending them elsewhere. Many partners offer 3 times the value for your reward points. At the time of writing this, Thorpe Park, Disney+ and the RAC were all offering 3x value. You can also save at Pizza Express, Virgin Atlantic, Denby and more.

You can also save your earnings for Christmas, you'll even get a bonus for adding to your Christmas account. This can save you up to another 6%.

In our opinion everyone should have a Tesco Clubcard. Even if you only shop there occasionally it will save you money over the year. Most people will also find Clubcard partners that they already shop with - instant savings!

Superdrug My Rewards

Superdrug have a reward scheme connected to their Health & Beauty card. Once you've signed up you will earn 1 reward point for each £1 you spend in store or online. The Health & beauty card is available as a real card, but you could download the app and use the digital version, you can then get started straight away.

Extra treats. Every Thursday card holders get discounts on a product or brand. Card holders get an extra special treat on their birthdays! You'll also get free delivery on orders over £15.

The more you shop the more rewards you unlock. You'll get chances to win competitions, you'll get a choice of free product, you'll earn discounts and earn higher levels of reward.

There's no need to wait until you have a large points balance to spend your rewards. You can pay part cash and part points every time you shop!

If you ever use Superdrug you have nothing to lose, you should sign up to save money.

Boots Advantage Card Rewards.

With the Boots Advantage Card, you can earn 4 points for every £1 you spend in-store, online & on the app. Each point is worth 1p, so you'll be getting 4% off your purchase. This is a very generous reward program that can easily help you save money.

You also pay lower prices on hundreds of favourite products when you shop online or in-store. Just look for the products marked Price Advantage in pink. The card is probably worth it for these savings alone.

Boots offers a wide range of products, their customers are from all walks of life and all age groups. For this reason Boots decided to let people over the age of 13 apply for a card, they also give students with a card a 10% discount.

Parents and pregnant peole can get double points with the parenting club and the over 60's get a similar deal. Thats 8 reward points per pound spent!

Get your first 200 points for free when you download the app! The savings just keep on coming.

Iceland Bonus Card Rewards.

Swipe your digital Iceland Bonus Card every time you shop to get the most from your Bonus Card. You'll earn £1 back for every £20 you spend - a massive 5% saving.

You'll also get access to exclusive bonus card prices, special offers and chances to win some fabulous prizes.

You can check your balance at any time online, it's also on the bottom of your receipts. You can spend your rewards as often as you like, but you can only spend whole pounds.

Bonus card holders can ask for free delivery of instore orders as long as the order is £20 or more.

You can sign up online for a digital Bonus Card with all the same benefits online or through the app. Or pick up a physical Bonus Card in your local store, then register online to save money.

It's not unusual for regular customers of Iceland to earn over £100 per year using the Bonus Card. If you shop there at all you have nothing to lose, the card is free!

Body Shop - Love Your Body Rewards

The rewards program at The Body Shop, the Love Your Body Club, is pretty generous. It starts with £10 off your first order (you have to place an order of £30+) - instantly saving you money. Then you'll earn 10 reward points for each £1 that you spend. Each reward point is worth 1p, so that's a massive saving of 10%!

You can spend your rewards each time you accumulate 500, you cash it in for a £5 voucher. You then have 3 months to spend the voucher.

As a Love Your Body member you'll get a special birthday treat, a £5 voucher to spend on yourself. You'll receive this via email, and it's valid for 1 month.

Holland & Barrett - Rewards for Life

Rewards for Life is Holland & Barrett's in store and online loyalty programme where you collect reward points with every purchase.

You'll receive your first 300 reward points for free when you register for free - that's worth a massive £3 as the points are worth 1p each. You'll then get 4 reward points each time you spend £1. You'll receive your vouchers 4 times per year - assuming you've earned over 50 points.

You can use your vouchers, instore or online, towards the cost of your next purchase. Vouchers expire after 3 months. You can check your balance any time online.

Greggs Reward App

Install the Greggs app and you'll earn rewards on almost everything you buy. You'll get a free cup of coffee just for joining!

The Greggs app is broken down into categories. From sandwiches to sweet treats, hot drinks and bakes, each time you buy a product, you’ll get a stamp in the corresponding category. Collect 9 stamps in a category, and the 10th item will be free! That equates to a saving of 10%, which is pretty generous.

You can also use the app to cut the queue. Simply order what you want, tell them when you want it, then pop in and grab it. Time is money!

As a Greggs member you'll also get a free sweet treat on your birthday - the app that just keeps giving!

A very easy way to save money if you use Greggs. Available on Android and iOS

Subway Rewards

Earn points at Subway everytime you spend £1 by installing the Subway Rewards app on your Android or iOS phone. You can ask for a physical card instore if you don't have a compatible phone. Each pound spent will earn you 10 reward points.

You can then redeem your points for free products instore...
100 points can be redeemed for any regular hot drink
200 points can be redeemed for a side or snack
500 points for a regular 6-inch Sub, Salad or Wrap
1000 points for a Footlong Sub

For the first 28 days you'll receive double points for all purchases made.

You can check your points balance online, and it'll also be printed on each of your receipts.

NOTE: You can only store 5000 points in an account. When you reach this amount you will stop earning reward points until you redeem some of them.

ASDA - George Rewards

Gearge Rewards is a rewards program for customers using George online. You earn 1 reward point each time you spend £1 at George online for click and collect or home delivery.

You'll get 100 reward points for free when you join. You can also earn bonus points for writting reviews, sharing your birthday and inviting friends.

You can then use your points to unlock special deals and promotions, usually a percentage off in a department or range. You can also use them to see upcoming sales before they're released to the public, so you'll get all the best bargains!

Points have to be spent within 12 months of earning them.

GAME Rewards.

If you sign up for Game Rewards for free you'll receive rewards for each purchase you make over £1. You get 4 reward points to the pound. Each point is worth 0.25p, so you need 400 points to get a £1 reward - the minimum you can spend. This is a 1% saving.

You'll get your rewards on all purchases instore or online, but it doesn't cover their eBay store. You can even earn when you trade items in.

If you happen to shop at GAME anyway then you should already be signed up. Consoles and games are not cheap and 1% adds up quickly.

GAME Rewards Extreme.

You can upgrade a Game Reward account to an Extreme account. The Extreme version of the rewards program costs £3 per month, with no discount for paying yearly. For people who spend a lot in GAME this may be the right choice to save money.

The Extreme account offers much more in terms of rewards. When you buy physical games, merchandise, accessories or toys & board games you'll recieve reward points worth 10% - that's 10 times the reward given in the standard reward program. On phones and tablets you'll get 4%, consoles, PCs and VR will get you 2%. You'll also get £5 reward added to your account on your birthday.

Lets look at an example...

A person spends £400 with GAME in a year and gets £4 in rewards on the standard free program. They will have spent £396 in total.

The same person spends £400 on the Extreme version, mostly on games and accessories and gets £40 in rewards. They've also spent £36 on membership fees. They've spent a total of £396! Although they'd still be better off because they'll have received the birthday gift!

Spend below £400 a year you're better off on the free program.
Spend over £400 a year you're better off on the paid program.
This works out to roughly £33 a month - a new release game...

Co-op Member Rewards.

Co-op is a little different to other companies in terms of how it's run and their rewards program shows this. First of all a member at Co-op is a share holder. This means it will cost you £1 to join - you've paid for your share.

Once you're a Co-op member you will get 2p back for every £1 you spend. You'll be in profit as soon as you've spent over £50. The Co-op will also give 2p to good causes every pound you spend.

As a member you'll receive weekly personalised offers that are based on your previous purchases as well as exclusive member deals and discounts. You'll also get special prices on Co-op Insurance, Funeralcare and Legal Services.

M&Co Loyalty Rewards

Get rewarded every time you shop at M&Co. Collect points, earn rewards and receive exclusive discounts and partner offers.

Join M&Co Loyalty for free and collect 5 reward points for every £1 you spend. Each reward point is worth 1p, so you will save 5%. Each time you accumulate 500 points you can receive a £5 voucher to use in-store, online or in-app.

M&Co Loyalty is easiest to use as an app, which is available on both Android and iOS. You can start saving immediately. If you don't have a phone that's compatible then you can ask to set up a card based account.