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Everything you need to know about free stuff in the UK.

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Free stuff?
Too good to be true? We will forgive you for thinking so, but it's a reality, you really can get stuff for free.

Why would someone give you free stuff?
We cover 3 different ways to get free stuff, and each has its own reasoning.

1. To introduce you to a product. Companies need new customers, or buyers, for their products. There's lots of competition in every business sector and it's hard to stand out from the crowd. A free sample may be all that's needed to bring a new customer, one that may stay loyal for years.

2. Sometimes people give things away for free because they don't want the item any more, and would rather someone put it to good use rather than it going to landfill.

3. You can also win free stuff by entering competitions.

How do i ask for free stuff?
That depends on the freebie, but usually you apply for samples on a companies website. More often then not there's a simple form to fill in and then you receive the items by email, by download or in the post. Sometimes you may have to agree to terms such as allowing the company to send you information and offers via email.

If you're using a local service for giving stuff away (ie FreeCycle) then you'll likely be directly in contact with the person giving it away.

What sort of free stuff can i get?
Freebies - what we call free stuff - can come in almost any form. A free app, a free download, a free sample sent in the post, a free voucher to use at a shop, a free printable, the possibilities are endless.

To get you started, here's a few freebies...

Free Liners Samples
This free trial pack includes Unscented Super Slim Liners, Unscented Slim Liners, and Unscented Longer & Wider Liners. Fill in the form and your free stuff will arrive in the post.

Free Baby Vouchers
Join the Hipp Baby Club to enjoy money-off vouchers across our entire range, you'll also get first dibs on our exciting new products launches.

GiffGaff SIM Card
With your free giffgaff SIM you're in control. No contracts, just flexible goody-bags packed with data. Fill in the form and your free stuff will be sent in the post.

Free Period Pouch
Get your free ActionAid period pouch - for school, work or on-the-go! Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022 with this custom-designed 'share a better period' pouch.

More freebies just like this...
When we're researching free stuff we list individual freebies on our Facebook page. Visit Freebieholics on Facebook if you'd like to see more freebies just like the ones above.

How do i find free stuff?
You could use google and search for freebie related terms. This method is time consuming, but can lead to some fantastic finds. Or you could choose the quicker method and use a free stuff site. These are websites specifically set up to list the free stuff currently available. They've done a lot of the hard work for you!

What should i search for?
If you choose to search for your own free stuff using Google you could search for hundreds of different terms. Here's some to get you started:
free stuff, free stuff uk, free sample, free download, free printables, free voucher...

Then combine these simple terms with items you would like. If you have a cat you could try:
free cat stuff, free cat samples, cat food samples uk, free cat vouchers, free cat downloads...

Use your imagination to think of more.

Which free stuff websites should i use?
There are a number of free stuff sites dedicated to the UK, we will cover the ones we feel you shouldn't miss.

We recommend the Snazzerise Money Saving Guide - their guide has a section for free stuff, but they also have many other ways to save money.

See the list of UK free stuff sites.

Are there other ways i can get free stuff?
Yes, you could take your chances with winning free stuff. There are thousands of competitions in the UK, with an amazing range of prizes. Many of the free stuff sites list competitions, but if you're serious about competitions you should use dedicated competition sites.

We recommend Loquax Competitons - one of the oldest and most trusted competition sites in the UK.

Visit our directory of UK competition sites.

Should i apply for all free stuff?
No. Apply for what you need, apply for the things you will use.

Most companies have a limit to how many freebies they hand out. If you don't need it and you won't use it, leave it for someone else to claim.

Keeping yourself safe online
Keep yourself safe. When you're searching for free stuff online, and you're about to enter your details in a form, take 30 seconds to relook at the site and confirm everything looks ok...

- Double check that the site is secure, look for the padlock
- Check pre-ticked boxes and make sure you know what you're agreeing with.
- Double check that it's a UK freebie, and that they ship to UK addresses.
- Check the ending date of the offer and make sure it's not expired.
- Consider using a second email address, to keep your personal emails seperate.

If anything feels not right, then move on to the next freebie / free stuff site.